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Aqua-Trek Shark Movie
A dramatic 2:26 minute video clip of one of our shark feedings. See one of the ocean's most enigmatic and graceful predator at what it is best .... eating!

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Discover the unparalled adventure of diving with the ocean's most enigmatic and graceful predator....the shark! Aqua-Trek's senior staff have, over many years, developed a unique & trusting relationship with these majestic creatures and are now able to handfeed them twice weekly at our famous Shark Encounter sites: "The Supermarket" off Mana Island, and "Aqua-Trek 3D" at Beqa Lagoon.

The Shark encounter's provide a fabulous opportunity for the diver to witness this illusive animal at close range, and to experience the awe that their perfect adaption to the underwater environment solicts. The action is electrifying and the experience unforgettable.

Aqua-Trek 3D
If there is one Beqa dive experience thats stands out it has to be Aqua-Trek 3D. This is a shark and big fish encounter that is, as Ron & Valerie Taylor (renowed shark cinematographers) state, "simply the best in the world". Over 7 species of shark frequent the site including Bull, Grey Reef, Nurse, Silver Tip, Lemon, White Tip and Black Tip Reef. This is one dive you should definitely not miss!

Aqua-Trek 3D is also a protected site. The local village of Wainiyabia has declared it a Marine Park and fishing is not permitted. In exchange divers are asked to pay a small fee, which is used for village projects. With it's prolific fish and shark life Aqua-Trek 3D is Fiji's best known action dive, a must for any diver seeking the ultimate in underwater adventure.

Black Tip


Bull Shark

Silver Tip

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