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This course is designed as an introduction to the underwater world. The one day programme includes basic dive theory, followed by skill development in shallow water. Upon completion the Instructor then takes the diver on a fun dive, in the ocean. Further dives, under the supervision of a Dive master, are now possible. The programme can also be used as a credit towards the PADI Open Water Course!


A new course, which upon completion will allow participants the opportunity to dive to an 18m maximum depth, accompanied by a Dive master. Divers are taught the first three modules of the theory and confined water sections of the Open Water course, followed by two training dives in the ocean. Great fun and it only takes 2 days to complete! An upgrade to full certification is easily accomplished when required.
The world’s most successful dive certification programme! Participants complete five modules of diving theory and confined water skill development, plus four open water dives. Course duration is generally 4-5 days. Upon completion the diver is now certified to dive in the open ocean to a depth of 18m. As experience is gained they eventually can dive to a 30m maximum. A whole new world of excitement now awaits!
Designed to introduce the certified diver to further training by developing new skills in a variety of environments. Topics such as navigation, deep, and night diving are available, among many others. Total dive modules to complete are 5. Course duration is generally 2 days.
This fun programme teaches the diver to be self- dependent, but also provides skill training that may be useful in an emergency situation involving another diver. The course can be challenging but is very stimulating and enjoyable. Duration is usually 4-5 days.
The first professional level in the PADI system of diver education. The candidate is introduced to theory that is of Instructor level standard, they also develop their personal diving skills and are introduced to teaching concepts that are part of an Instructor programme. The course will ultimately prepare and qualify a diver to work in the recreational diving industry. Duration of training is generally 10-14 days.
Aqua-Trek is Fiji’s only PADI Five Star Instructor Development Training Centre. What this means is that we are qualified to run Instructor training programmes. This happens twice a year, May and September, and produces quality candidates that are then tested by an O/S examiner. Aqua-Trek has trained the majority of Fiji’s local Instructors, plus an ever-increasing number of foreign nationals.
An introduction to basic first aid. Topics covered include CPR, bleeding, shock management etc. It is not diving specific but covers scenarios that could be encountered in any everyday situation. The skills learnt can then be adapted to a diving emergency. Duration is 1 day.
Divers who have not completed their Open Water training can complete their course at any one of our 3 Resort operations. Usually the students have done their theory and pool work overseas, and wish to do their Open Water portion in a pleasant, tropical location. Such as Fiji! Duration is usually 2-3 days, depending on the type of referral received.

Before you leave for your holiday, ensure you have read & comply with the attached medical questionnaire (PDF).

If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions you must consult with a medical practitioner or HSE (Health & Safety Executive) prior to booking your diving holiday.

Download PADI Medical questionnaire (PDF Document)

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